The Thunderbolt Scouts (Troop 14799)
Membership Information
Joanne Pamela Contego
Notable members:

Brandy (Danny's stepsister)
Marie (formerly)
PJ (formerly)
Kaylee (formerly)
Victoria (formerly)
Olivia (formerly)
Hugh John (in the future)
Gabriel and Felix (in the future)
Millie (in the future)

Organizational Information
Type of organization:
Scout Organization
The Great Thunderbolt HQ
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:

The Thunderbolt Scouts is a scout organization, similar to the Camp Fire USA. They show a wide range of skills that also can be used to collect information from a wide variety of materials. Most of these activities or information contained in the guide are often related to badges.


Almost every Thunderbolt Scouts' uniform have a color pattern of a shirt with a dark shade of red, a reddish orange beret (for girls)/cap (for boys), sashes worn over their right shoulder, a midnight blue skirt (for girls)/shorts (for boys) with leaf green stripes and reddish orange boots. But each uniform has a special touch to identify each member.

  • Bonnie's uniform is a dark red dress with reddish orange stripes.
  • PJ's uniform was a sleeveless shirt with a brown collar, cargo shorts and teal slippers.
  • Marie's uniform had long sleeves with a reddish orange collar and ripped daisy dukes.
  • Victoria's uniform was a turtleneck shirt with a jumper dress over it and Mary Jane Shoes
  • Olivia's uniform was a sweater and a knee-length skirt. She wore a headband instead of a beret.
  • Kaylee's uniform was a sleeveless shirt with a leaf green collar and high-waisted dress