The Good, the Bad and the Tito
Cover art for The Good, the Bad and the Tito.
Movie Data
Directed by: Matheus Tito
Screenplay by: Matheus Tito
Story by: Matheus Tito
Music by: Matheus Tito
Production company: Matheus Tito Pictures
Distributed by: Matheus Tito Pictures
Release Dates
USA: TBA, 2017
Brazil: TBA, 2017
Japan: TBA, 2017
Matheus Tito as Matheus Tito
Movie Guide
"A Fistful of Titos"
"The Good, the Bad and the Tito"

For a Few Titos More is a upcoming movie and the sequel of The Good, the Bad and the Tito which concludes the Matt and Gabe trilogy. It was writen, produced and directed by Matheus Lopes Tito.


After failing in defeat Matt and Gabe, the Titos are now trapped in a universe directly controlled by Matt and Gabe, they'll have to regain their Tito energy in order to break out of this universe and recreate the multiverse.


Main CharactersEdit

Supporting CharactersEdit