The following are a list of similarities between Matheus Lopes Tito's OCs and the Total Drama characters.


  • Dakota
    • Both are rich, spoiled girls that are hungry for fame
    • Both consider themselves attractive.
  • Zoey
    • Both are red-heads
    • Both go crazy when something that reminds about their respective boyfriends are broken
  • Duncan
    • Both fake cry at one point on their lives
  • Heather
    • Both are rude and manipulative
    • Both claim that they deserve the prize money
    • Both are bossy and selfish
  • Courtney
    • Both are interested in money
    • Both have monstrous strength when provoked



  • Mike
    • Both have multiple personalities disorder
    • Both are dark-skinned
  • Alejandro
    • Both are antagonists
    • Both are spanish
  • Gwen
    • Both were loners in their childhood
    • Both wear long stockings and a skirt
  • Heather
    • Both are snobbish antagonists
    • Both enjoy making people's lives miserable.
  • Justin
    • Both don't play competitions actively as they are afraid they will ruin they good looks.
  • Courtney
    • Both don't like to admit their weaknesses.