The Mystery Waterfalls Academy is a a large complex who has a school (both middle and high school) and university in San Francisco. Almost all of DiedsenBoy OCs study there. The school and university's main sport/team is Water Polo.

Founded on March 12, 1804 the MWSU is one of the more simplistic school-universities in San Francisco and in New Jersey.

The head of MWSU is dean Kék Aranyhal, the great-grandson of the founder of the university, János Aranyhal.


The place looks like a typical American school, with corridors filled with lockers, a school prom who happens every year, a library, a cafeteria, a soccer field on the outside and an auditorium.

The complex also has lounges, rooms and bedrooms of vibrant colors and extracurricular activities, such as a TV station made ​​by students.

The campus also has subsidiaries Groovy Smoothie and Central Perk stores, an Italian restaurant, MacArnold, and coffee carts.


Main hallEdit

Located at the entrance of the school. It has a hallway, each with lockers that can be customized to give more personality, and a kind of showcase full of trophies won by the school.

Principal's officeEdit

It features a desk, a bookshelf, a calendar, a gallery with all prom kings and queens, a notice board, a painting of other galaxies and a reception area on the outside.


Located at the back of the school. It features a stage, a double door entrance, large windows and a runway suitable to practice sports.


It includes a large number of tables where students can eat their lunch. There's also a table where students can receive food from the lunch lady.


Located on the top floor. It features the statue of an angel in the middle of a table and computers around the same table that can be used by the students.

Soccer fieldEdit

Located outside the school.