Matthew Diamond
Gender: Male
Age: 16 years-old
Born: February 15, 1998
Hometown: San Francisco
Nationality: American
Occupation: Student
Other Information
Family and Friends
Parents: Mother and Father (Both unnamed)
Stepparents: N/A
Siblings: Two brothers (Both unnamed)
Grandparents: TBA
Children: N/A
Friends: Dexter, Cecily and Khanna
Love Interests: Cecily (one-sided on his side)
Other Relatives: "The Alligator" (uncle)

Raph (cousin)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Total Drama Mall Wiki's Random Unnamed Roleplays
Voiced by: Jake Short (English-speaking countries)

Memo Aponte Jr. (Latin America)
Matheus Felizardo (Brazil)

Matthew, labeled The Pokemon-Addicted Buddy, is MLT's brand new tertiary character and Dexter's classmate and best friend, besides Cecily and Khanna. He is Adolf Hitler's great-grandson and the third antichrist, "Mabus".