I'm all yours is the fourth DiedsenBoy's LУЯ¡C$ TO GO Ш¡LD! song ever. It is sung by Dexter with a non-speaking appareance of CeCe


Throughout the ages, boys always fall in love with girls
And for sure that's the reason I love you
Finally I'm all yours!
Finally I'm all yours!

For centuries, explorers are seeking the formula for love
I'm like a poet and you're my great gift
Finally I'm all yours!
Finally I'm all yours!

Don't believe what they say
These are just fully substantive laws
Forget everything you have to do
Let's seize this moment!

We are the perfect couple
Just ignore the haters
We'll live together forever
Because I would not live if we were not together!

Finally I'm all yours
I don't want anything more than you
We're lost in time
Well, I'll tell you the truth
You're the main girl in my life!


  • This is the first time that Dexter isn't voiced by Tara Strong. For this song, he is voiced by Drew Nelson, who voices Duncan and Dex
  • This song is about CeCe and Dexter's relationship