My dream is to create a world where the people can touch each others titos without being judged.

– Evil Matheus Tito, Two Titos Touching: Part 2

Evil Matheus Tito
"Evil Matheus Tito"
Gender: Transgender
Age: 87 years old
Born: 1928
Hometown: Unknown
Nationality: Peruvian
Occupation: Prostitute
Other Information
Family and Friends
Love Interests: Dilma Rousseff
Other Relatives: Unknown
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: Two Titos Touching: Part 1
Voiced by: Guilherme Briggs (Brazil)

Evil Matheus Tito is Matheus Tito from the future and the main villain of the series, who wants to create a gay world by doing blowjobs on every male in the planet.

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He is a brown old man dressed as a woman and has no pubes.

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He is a brown old man with no pubes.

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  • Evil Matheus Tito is obviously gay.
  • His identity as Matheus Tito future version is questioned, as in "Future Cums" Raul Gil said that Tito committed suicide when he was 16 years old. Some fans suggested he is Matheus Tito grandfather who disappeared after leaving his home to buy cigarettes.
  • It is said that he possesses the ability to take a dump without making his asshole dirty. As it was stated by Jean Wyllys on "Jean's Tito to Matheus' Tito: Part 2": "It looks like a sewer hole"