Dustin Thefortini Parks
Gender: Male
Age: Almost 10 months-old (as of now)

14 years-old (in the future)

Born: December 16, 2013
Hometown: Sunland

San Francisco

Nationality: Sunlander


Other Information
Height: 6 ft. (six feet; 183 cm)
Family and Friends
Parents: Kurt (father)
Sophia (mother)
Stepparents: N/A
Siblings: Unnamed younger sister
Stepsiblings: N/A
Grandparents: Unnamed maternal grandfather

Unnamed maternal grandmother
Joseph (paternal grandfather)
Holli (paternal "grandmother")

Friends: Almost no one (yet)
Love Interests: N/A
Pets: TBA
Other Relatives: Kaylee

Larry (paternal second "cousins")

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Yago Machado (Brazil)

Marco Ribeiro (singing voice on Brazil)
Moisés Iván Mora (Latin America)
Barnabás Timon (Hungary)

Dustin Sheldon Thefortini Parks, or just Dustin, is Kurt and Sophia's son in the future.

About himEdit

Dustin was found as a newborn by Kurt and Sophia while they were visiting Sunland with some friends for a Winter Ball and was adopted by them. Since childhood, he always wanted to learn everything about science and, for this reason, he grew up avoiding contact with others and preferring to spend time locked in his room studying than socializing. However, that was about to change because his parents decided that he would have to make friends anyway because he was starting to look like a crazed recluse. He obviously dislikes this choice but, since they’re his parents, he is always trying to get new friends so he can finally return to his books. He’s an intelligent and sentimental schoolboy who can't wait to be able to leave puberty behind, is constantly working on some strategy, is very fond of females, dreams going out with his friends like a normal teenager, doesn't want to make a big deal of his talents, learns from the mistakes he makes and talks too much when describing or explaining something. He’s also modest, humble, caring, spontaneous, quick-tempered, hysterical and has the desire of being able to be in charge while his parents are away, even though this right is never granted. For strangers, he may seem lonely yet, in truth, has an excellent and faithful sister who helps him in trying to find friends.

Physical appearanceEdit

He is a tall, handsome and somewhat chubby 14-year-old with dishevelled and choppy dark red hair, tanned skin and wide almond-shaped hazel eyes. He wears a dark grey hooded shirt featuring water blue pockets under a long buttoned-up lab coat, military green jeans and indigo blue shoes with white soles and laces. He also wears braces and occasionally is seen wearing a khaki laptop bag on his left side.