Future Dexter
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years-old
Hometown: Chicago
Nationality: Brazilian


Occupation: President of "Ready and Quick" restaurant chain
Other Information
Height: 5 ft. 11 in. (180 cm)
Family and Friends
Parents: Patty (mother)

Marc (father)
Georgia (mother-in-law)

Siblings: Bruno (younger brother)

Flynn (brother-in-law)

Grandparents: Vernon (maternal grandfather; deceased)

Daisy (maternal grandmother; deceased)
Michael (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Mary-Gina (paternal grandmother; deceased)

Children: Hugh John
Other Relatives: One uncle (by mother's side)

Another uncle (by father's side)
Four aunts (by mother's side)
Two aunts (by father's side)
Albert John (great-uncle)
Wanda (great-aunt)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: TBA
Voiced by: Drake Bell (English-speaking countries)

Donald Reignoux (France)
Paolo Campos (Latin America)
Peter Michael (Portugal)
Matheus Lopes Tito (Brazil)
Dmitry Cherevatenko (Russia)

Future Dexter is the future adult version of Dexter that will probably appear sometime in next fanprojects.

About his lifeEdit

In 2028, sixteen years in the future, Dexter is the owner of a large restaurant chain called "Ready and Quick". He lives in San Francisco with his eight years-old son Hugh John. He is not more that nutty creative 14 years-old dude. He is a serious and responsible adult, but he is is still a happy and fun person. Dexter is a loving and caring father for Hugh John (altough he manages to be more sarcastic to him than to everybody), although he is somewhat dimwitted about himsometimes.


Future Dexter is seven inches taller and far more muscular (something imilar to his father, Marc) than his younger self. He sports a beard and goatee and his hair looks darker and more tousled than his teenager self. Usually he is seen wearing a orange short-sleeved dress shirt, brownish gray jeans with a belt and black shoes.


  • Future Dexter maybe will appear in any fanproject that takes place in the future.
  • Future Dexter has not made his driving test yet and still doesn't know how to swim