The DNA-Morphing Portable Machine, or just DMPM is one of Kurt's newest creations. It is a iPhone-like apparatus that magically can morph the user's DNA and transform him/her into anything: in a alien, in other people and even in an animal or interdimensional versions of the user.

Information about the DeviceEdit

Besides morphing, the DMPM has a user interface. It is made around the device's multi-touch screen. Like the iPhone, the device runs on an operating system who can support every DNA-app than you can imagine.


The DMPM relies on a graphical list of available transformations, located on the home screen. For you to turn into another DNA already included in the device you slide from side to side by touching the screen until the desired application is defined, then you type in exactly what you want to morph into and presses the M button. To return to your true form, you just have to press the "undo" button.


  • The DMPM was made using a iPhone 5 as a basis and was inspired by MilaYin's Morfshifters and by the Omnitrix from Ben 10.