Matheus Tito's normal version was assassinated at 12:30 Central Standard Time (18:30 UTC) on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas. He was fatally shot by a sniper while rescuing his friend on a event.


Matheus Tito was announcing his new book in a platform on Dealey Plaza, Texas when his friend and associate, Vinyl, saw a sniper in the top of a building, he then run to Tito and jumped in front of him, taking the bullet. Tito was quickly secured by his guards, but managed to run to Vinyl, only to be shot in the head by the sniper, who commemorated screaming "Strap-on!". Tito died instantly, while Vinyl life was saved. President Neymar declared two weeks of national mourning for Tito's death and Vinyl injury.

Identity of the shooterEdit

The FBI quickly discovered the identity of the assassin, and captured him at McDonalds. The public was shocked to discover that the shooter was Vinyl's insane son, Roberto Ramirez, who once fought Tito over a fried tofu.


Roberto Ramirez was considered mentally ill by the jury, and was sentenced to a lifetime in a asylum. His mother Larissa - who was Tito's teen crush - declared that Tito was the antichrist and that he deserved to die, praising her son saying that he was the saviour of this world, only to be killed a day later by a mob Tito's fans.

Vinyl's only visit to his son was in 2054, when he killed Roberto with an hospital tray after having a halucination, he then ran from the security guards, fell on his knees and faced the sun, declaring fidelity to god Tupã and died when his pacemaker failed.