Antonette Olson Vega
Gender: Female
Age: 20 years-old
Born: May 11, 1993
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Arcifanapajistan, Sunland Blumengarten, Boundary District

Nationality: Canadian


Occupation: University Student
Other Information
Family and Friends
Parents: Mother and father (both unnamed)
Stepparents: N/A
Siblings: Cecily (young sister) and Bradley (older brother)
Grandparents: Grandmother and grandfather (both unnamed)
Children: N/A
Friends: TBA
Love Interests: A unnamed boyfriend
Other Relatives: Unnamed uncle
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance: N/A
Voiced by: TBA

Antonette is Cecily's 20-year-old sister and Luna and Selena's future aunt.


  • Antonette likes to have sex with the brazilian TV host Celso Portiolli every sunday.